About Sislar

The Sustainable Business Story

Imagine a world where rooftops are more than just shelter, they’re powerhouses of clean, renewable energy. A world where waste is a thing of the past, and every product you use is eco friendly. That’s the world I aim to create. Born out of a love for nature and a desire to protect it, I am on a mission to transform how you think about sustainability.

My Philosophy

I believe in the power of innovation, the importance of community, and the necessity of sustainability. My approach is holistic, I don’t just provide services, I build partnerships, educate communities, and lead by example.

My Mission

To empower businesses, communities, and adventurers to embrace sustainability, support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and preserve the natural wonders of Kenya for generations to come. Whether it’s through installing solar panels, managing waste, or developing ecotourism projects.

Why Sislar?


I work with a team of highly qualified professionals who specialize in various areas of environmental consultancy to provide the best results and guidance..


I constantly strive to develop innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.


I am dedicated to providing sustainable and practical solutions that meet my clients’ needs while protecting the environment.

The Team


With a background in environmental sciences and a heart that beats for nature, I’ve dedicated my life to pioneering innovative solutions that protect our planet. When I’m not brainstorming new green ideas, you’ll find me hiking in the hills or diving into a good book about renewable energy.


With years of experience in solar installations, Andrew’s expertise is unmatched. He’s the guy who makes sure every panel is perfectly placed and working at peak efficiency.

My Commitment to the SDGs

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

By providing cutting edge renewable energy solutions, I help reduce dependency on fossil fuels and promote clean, sustainable energy for all.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities:

My waste management and recycling services contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable urban environment, fostering healthier communities.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

I assist businesses in developing eco friendly products and implementing sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact.

Goal 13: Climate Action:

Through my environmental consulting and energy efficiency services, I empower businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change.

Goal 15: Life on Land:

My water conservation strategies and Environmental Impact Assessments support the preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity.

Ready to make a difference?

Whether you’re a business, community leader, or adventure seeker, Sislar is here to guide you on the path to sustainability.

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