Energy Solutions

I offer installation of solar and biomass systems services to help your business transition to clean energy. My solutions are guided by the Renewable Energy Act of 2019, promoting sustainable energy use.

Environmental Consulting

At Sislar, Environmental Consulting services are grounded in robust legal frameworks and policies that govern environmental protection in Kenya. My team and I ensure your business remains compliant with key regulations helping you navigate Kenya’s comprehensive environmental legal landscape.

Waste Management

Comprehensive waste audits, recycling program setup, and waste reduction strategies for businesses and communities. I adhere to the Waste Management Regulations of 2006 to ensure responsible waste handling and disposal.

Green Product Development and Certification

I assist companies in developing eco friendly products, obtaining green certifications, and marketing them as sustainable. In doing so, I support businesses comply with Kenya’s Standards Act and follow relevant environmental guidelines.

Sustainability Reporting

I track, measure, and report your environmental performance through frameworks like GRI and obtain certifications such as LEED. My services ensure adherence to the Climate Change Act of 2016, enhancing your sustainability credentials.

Ecotourism Development

In collaboration with local communities and businesses in the tourism sector, I help to create sustainable tourism initiatives that promote conservation and cultural preservation. My projects are aligned with the Kenya Wildlife Conservation and Management Act of 2013.

Ready to make a difference?

Whether you’re a business, community leader, or adventure seeker, Sislar is here to guide you on the path to sustainability.

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