Renewable Energy

Solar Power Installation Services, Biomass Energy Systems and Sustainable Fuels (Charcoal Briquettes).

Traditional Solar Power.

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Solar Power
Budget Solar Power Setup

Provides sufficient power for basic lighting and charging small devices, such as phones and laptops.

Power Output: Up to 0.2 kW
Energy Storage: 0.7 kWh
Basic Lighting
ROI: 3-5 years
Solar Power
Intermediate Solar Power Setup

Provides reliable backup power during grid outages, ensuring essential appliances and systems remain operational.

Power Output: Up to 1.28 kW
Energy Storage: 2.4 kWh
ROI: 6-8 years
Reliable Backup Power
Solar Power
High End Solar Power Setup

Provides enough energy to power an entire home or business, including high demand appliances like air conditioning, heating systems, and large kitchen appliances.

Power Output: Up to 5.28 kW.
Main Power Source.
ROI: 5-7 years.
Energy Storage: 9.6 kWh.

Biomass Energy Solutions.

Sustainable biomass energy solutions that convert organic materials into clean, renewable energy.


Custom Biomass Systems

Best for agricultural operations seeking sustainable energy solutions.

ROI: 4-7 years.
Long-Term Savings.
Waste Management.
Cost Effective.
Energy Efficiency Consulting

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Ideal for rural areas with abundant organic waste materials.

Agricultural Operations.
Rural Areas.
Environmental Benefits.

Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Sustainable fuel services focus on providing alternative fuels that are eco friendly and efficient.


Biofuel Production and Supply

Sourcing and supplying biofuels derived from organic materials, suitable for various applications.

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