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At Sislar, the goal is to provide comprehensive Sustainability Reporting services to help businesses track, measure, and report their environmental impact. I ensure that your sustainability efforts are documented accurately and communicated effectively to stakeholders. By collaborating with experts in various fields to deliver detailed and reliable sustainability reports tailored to your niche.

Sustainability Performance Assessment.

I conduct thorough assessments of your company’s sustainability performance, evaluating key metrics such as energy usage, carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste generation. This assessment provides a clear picture of your environmental impact and identifies areas for improvement.

Sustainability Reporting Frameworks.

I help you navigate and adhere to leading sustainability reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and relevant local frameworks recognized by NEMA and other regulatory bodies in Kenya. (View resources page)

Data Collection and Analysis.

Accurate data collection and analysis are crucial for effective sustainability reporting. I develop robust data collection systems and perform detailed analyses to ensure that your sustainability metrics are precise and meaningful. For complex data requirements, I collaborate with data experts to achieve the best results.

Stakeholder Engagement.

Engaging with stakeholders is essential for successful sustainability reporting. I facilitate stakeholder engagement processes, including surveys, interviews, and workshops, to gather insights and feedback. This ensures that your sustainability initiatives align with stakeholder expectations and enhances transparency.

Report Writing and Design.

Creating a compelling and informative sustainability report requires clear writing and professional design. I offer comprehensive report writing and design services to produce visually appealing and easy-to-understand reports that effectively communicate your sustainability efforts.

Continuous Improvement Strategies.

Sustainability reporting is an ongoing process. I provide continuous improvement strategies to help you enhance your sustainability performance year after year. This includes setting new goals, implementing best practices, and regularly updating your reporting practices.


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